Mark Michael A. Lim

Construction Department Head

Mark is a leader known for his candid and witty personality, and well respected by the members of the firm. He has been overseeing most of the firm’s complex projects and has been very diligent and meticulous in handling his responsibility. He is also known as the “life of the party” in the office. He dedicates a good amount of his energy into making the team laugh with his usual antics and crazy stories. With pressure as a constant companion of the work they do, it is always convenient to have someone like Mark to defuse the situation. But even though he plays hard, he also undeniably works hard.

He joined the ADGO team in 2006, fresh out of Adamson University (Manila). As one of the Construction Department heads, his years in the company has given him much needed experience towards a more mature approach and professional interpretation of contract documents and drawings for construction implementation. He rose from the ranks and has proven his worth to the standards of the firm. His extensive knowledge with computers has significantly contributed to the firm’s IT development. He loves to explore and learn the latest architectural programs and software to make work easier and more in-tune with whatever is new and the latest trend in the industry.

Like most guys, Mark likes to play basketball and video games during his spare time. He is also a dedicated family man.

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