Brian Christian W. Evangelista

Production Department Head

After graduating from Adamson University (Manila) in 2006, Brian took a job at a construction firm where he learned the ins and outs of the industry before joining the ADGO team in 2007. What Brian brings to the company is dedication and determination. He is the head of the Production Department and is in charge of coordinating and making sure every architectural and engineering contract documents are well prepared and in order.

Brian has been proven to be trustworthy and a very responsible leader. His gentle manners and meticulous attention to details has been an inspiration to many of the younger members of the ADGO team. He testifies that first-hand experience is the best teacher in life. He also said that some of the most valuable lessons he learned in life is when he is leading a group of people towards one goal: Work Excellence.

One could also say that Brian is a practical guy who values functionality over mere aesthetics. He believes that maximizing what’s there and turning it into something bigger is a skill learned over time. He is also one of the most grounded members of the group, choosing to spend his spare time playing badminton or just hanging out with family and friends.

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