Ricardo Antonino M. Aringo

Design Department Head

Ricardo, or Ric, graduated from Adamson University (Manila) and has been with ADGO Architects since 2006. He is a very dedicated and talented architect who has an uncanny ability to visualize shapes and forms and translate them into realistic designs. He values functionality as much as he highly regards small yet significant details. This is one of the reasons why he is one the firm’s creative Design Department head. His strength in creating iconic facades is reflective of his appreciation for the foundation of all types and styles of architectural design—from combining classical techniques and contemporary modern ideas to creating a distinctive ADGO design concept.

Interestingly enough, even with his preference for the old and historical, Ric has also a firm grip on new technology. He has continuously taught himself to update his knowledge on the latest computer software.

As a way of de-stressing himself from the pressures of work, Ric plays basketball with his fellow ABU (Architects Basketball Union) members and loves to travel.

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