Manuel M. Paguibitan

Asst. Production Head

Though he has a seemingly fierce and serious looks, Manny is actually a very approachable person. He is known to be an independent, objective, curious and confident guy whose energy and enthusiasm radiates within the team. He’s passionate in pursuing his objectives and loves thriving on new challenges which he sees as opportunities towards better learning.

He became a part of the team in 2009 after graduating from Manuel L. Quezon University (Manila). He has shown sharp eyes for details and has proven his potential in producing quality and detailed working drawings. Manny now holds the position of Assistant Head of Production Department.

Though he’s busy as a bee in the office, he would never compromise his social engagements. He enjoys spending time bonding and hanging out with his friends. He’s a genuine gym buddy and basketball enthusiast. Manny is a type of guy who is always on-the-go, ready to explore new experiences.

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