Daniel C. Go and Associates and ADGO Architecture and Design Inc. are full-service architectural and engineering design firms headquartered in Quezon City, Philippines. Established in 1996 and 2008 by Principal Architect Daniel C. Go, FUAP and APEC Architect, both firms has become home to a group of young and dynamic architects and professional consultants who have dedicated their passion and talents in providing the best comprehensive design services an architectural firm can offer.

    From modest beginnings, the firms have grown steadily and dramatically over the years. The trust and confidence of its growing number of satisfied clients is proof of its consistent level of service. The firm is committed to provide truly personalized service and offers versatility in design and construction. ADGO Architects has been providing architectural excellence for projects in categories such as Living, Culture, Business and Interiors.


    Architectural Excellence is Our Passion” – that is our firm’s main driving force. We aim for excellence in all aspects of Architecture, from design and space planning, to project execution and construction. At ADGO Architecture and Design Inc., you will find a group of highly talented professionals who are passionate and dedicated about serving and providing clients exactly what they want.

    ADGO Architecture is more than just designing a building, it is about creating a place for people. The firm aspires to create culturally sensitive environments that are designed to meet the most elemental needs of people. Vision and creativity, with a keen sense of entrepreneurship, are the foundations of our design philosophy. Understanding people’s response to nature, space and light is integral to our design approach. We believe in lifestyle enhancement through design.

    The progressive and stimulating nature of our firm is derived from the changing demographics and demands of the marketplace. ADGO Architects stays in touch with the dynamic market by diligent research and gathering of vital information.

    The firm strives to integrate design excellence with economic feasibility. Market studies and development knowledge gives our firm an exceptional perspective as we turn visionary ideas into practical realities.


    Known for their personalized service and attention to clients, the warmth and talent of ADGO Architects sets the firm apart from the industry. ADGO Architecture and Design Inc. operates with a young and dynamic lineup of architects whose individual expertise, blend of creative and dynamic minds, contribute to the firm’s main objective of providing top quality service to the client.

    The ADGO Firm thrives in a fun yet professional working environment where fresh, novel and versatile ideas are developed and translated into reality. Under the supervision and guidance of Daniel Go, the design firm has become a close-knit family that has earned a reputation for innovation, quality and flexibility. Their goal is towards one end — Design Excellence.

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Architectural Excellence is Our Passion...